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The festivals of Corfu Greece: Discover the ultimate festival in Corfu island during the summer.

August Cultural Events From the first night of August Ano Korakiana Cultural events and expositions
Feast of Virgin Mary 15 August. Ermones  
Festival of Kato Garouna and Ano Gerakiana The first week end after the 15th August Kato GarounaAno Gerakiana. It is a three days festival and cultural event organised by the association of the people of Garouna and Gerakiana living in Athens.
The Sound and Light Show Summer Period. Corfu Town Several Cultural Events based on sounds and lights
Anniversary of the Union 21 May. Corfu Town Festival celebrating the anniversary of the union of Corfu with the newly built Greek State.

Feast of Agios Spyridon August 11th -   Good Saturday. Corfu Town Litany in honour of St Spyridon, the island’s saint patron.
The Festival of Corfu September. Corfu Town A festival with many cultural events: Greek and foreign artists, concerts of choruses, philharmonic orchestra and bounds, theatrical performances…
The Varkarola August 10th Corfu town Choirs, in boats which fill the of Gaios sing kantades, while fireworks light up the sky
The Kricket Festival Summer time Town of Corfu-Esplanade Summer competition with the participation of English teams

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