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Corfu island greece: A great variety of Corfu local products

  Corfu Greece is characterised by frequent rain and mild climate. It is for that reason a fertile island and has a variety of Corfu local agricultural products. The island is famous for its olive, wine, cereals and honey.

The food on the island of Corfu is similar to the other islands of the Ionians with small variations and many local specialities.
According to history, the islandís gastronomy was influenced by several civilizations that once occupied the island such as Sicilians, Venetians, French and British.

The visitors will discover all the Corfiot specialities in the many tavernas and restaurants, accompanied by local wine. Some of the specialities of Corfu are:

:: Pastitsado: this local speciality derives from the Venetian Spezzatino. It is one of the favourite dishes on the island and it is made of beef and gravy, cooked with tomatoes and served with thick pastas. It is usually served for celebrations.
:: Sofrito: the dish has Franko-Venetian origin and consists of beef stewed in a white sauce. It is usually served on Sundays.
:: Savoro: it consists of fried fish in a sauce of rosemary. It is usually served on March 25th or on Palm Sunday.
:: Bianco: it consists of fish, usually Scorpion, cooked with lemon juice and garlic.

:: Charcuterie: Corfu has a large range of salt and smoked meat. The main specialities are the Noumbolo, bacon, dried salami and sausages.

In Corfu, the candy lovers will find their paradise.
Desserts are served after each meal. Some of the specialities are the:
:: Koum Kouat which is the trademark of the island. It is a sweet that is made from a kind of Citron imported from Japan.
:: Mandolato: it is black and white nougat made with mandoles. It is an other trademark of Corfu.
:: Tiganites: it is the Corfiot name for Loukoumades, a kind of fried sweet donut.
:: Ice Creams: the island of Corfu is famous for its fresh ice cream with tastes fallowing the seasonís fruits.


Wine is part of the Corfuís tradition.
There is no heavy wine industry on the island and the production is coming from private vineyards.
These wines have no chemical additives. The most popular Corfiot wines are the:
:: Kakotrigis: a sweat and dry white wine.
:: Petrokoritho: a dry red wine.
:: Moschato: a light white wine.
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