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Corfu Shopping: The opportunity of shopping in the island of Corfu Greece

    The Corfu shopping hub of the town is mainly situated in the town’s centre. Corfu is a town of 30.000 inhabitants and all kind of shops are represented.
The Corfu shopping hub also has many tourist shop selling jewellery, leather goods, ceramics and olive wood


Shops, except from tourist shops, are opened 6 days a week and Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, the shops only open from 9am to 3pm.

shopping in corfu island greece: There are many shops in corfu Island.

In 1981 we began our endeavour to present the best of traditional Greek embroidery, weaving, pillow lace and crochet and we have succeeded in creating - as our clients would call it - a little 'Aladin's cave" full of hand made lace and needle - work.

KassiopiI - Corfu - Greece
TEL +30 26630 81402
E -mail:


We proudly present you GAIA corfu shopping store.
Located in the exquisite island of Corfu, it resembles to a museum in the making, since it exhibits rare and hard-to-find fragments of rocks, fossils, crystals, pictures entirely made of natural sand, handmade jewels e.t.a.

Gaia Corfu
Established in Corfu Island
39 Eug. Voulgareos Str.
Tel.: +30 26610 42622



Aquamarina has been a family company for more than 30 years. Originally known as Gerekos Brothers, specialising in marine diesel engines, we have a long experience of serving and supplying both residents and visitors in Corfu. Since the business passed to Michalis Martinis it has expanded and now stocks an astonishingly wide range of marine supplies.

32, E. Venizelos, Corfu. Greece.
Tel & Fax +30 26610 32025



In Continental Corfu Shopping Market" you can choose many things among: Souvenirs, Spirits - Soft drinks, Groceries & Provisions, Magazines & Newspapers, Toys, Cosmetics, Cigarettes,Maps,Caps & Hats & Towels,Sunglasses.

San Stefanos - Corfu - Greece
Tel :+30-26630-51061 Fax:+30-26630-51910



Corfu Fine Jewellery is situated in one of the most traditional streets of the old venetian town, on Filellinon St. In our shop your will find Hand made pieces Byzantic Style in 18 carats, Necklesses and handchains of different designs - 14 carats, Hand made pieces in Greek Style 14 and 18 carats

Corfu Fine Jewellery
16 Filellinon Str.
Tel & Fax: +30 26610 39054



We specialise in hand-worked leather. Our collection includes classical and modern designs for men and women. You will find the latest fashions in leather bags cloths and accssories of all sizes and intended uses.

Corfu Leather Market
7 Dona str & Nik. Theotoki str.
Corfu Greece
Tel-Fax: +30 - 26610 - 21297



Our shop in Moraitika, offers every visitor a token of our island,a statue, perfect for gifts to bring friends and family back home. We maintain our own workshop to provide souvenirs that reflect the history and the tradition of the local people and represent the wonderful emotions felt when inside these majestic surroundings.

Hellenic Ceramics and Statue
Gift Shop - Souvenirs
Moraitika, Corfu, Greece
Tel. + 30 26610 76861



Continuing the artistic tradition of our island we produce and offer to our customers a variety of handmade silver jewellery and silverware. In our shop you can also find gold jewellery in traditional and modern designs. We also accept special orders for jewellery of gold or silver and take care of your old precious jewellery.

Spiros Tarantos
Silver and Goldsmith
33, Themist. Kotardou Str.
Corfu - Greece
Tel: +30 26610 24983





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